Mr. Robot | Trailer and Additional MusicMr. Robot
Child's Play | Christmas Teaser MusicChild's Play


CNN | HLN PromotionCNN

HBO | Beware the SlendermanHBO


Discovery Channel | Deadliest CatchDiscovery Channel

Google | YT Audio LibraryGoogle - YT Audio Library Spot (ft. Jeff Goldblum)Credits Apartments

Death Squared (Game Credits Soundtrack) Credits Death Squared


Fright Dome | Las VegasFright Dome
Downfall (Video Game Soundtrack)Credits Videogame Downfall


Tara Reid in Worthless | MusicTara Reid in Worthless

Remnants of Isolation (Video Game Soundtrack) Credits-game isolation


Pleasant Inn (Short Film Score) 

White Willow (Short Film Score)


Nails (Short Film Score) 

Let Me In (Short Film Score)



Credits Lore

  • Grandpa's Table (Steam Game)
  • Five Nights of Christmas (Mobile Game)
  • After Hours (Web Series)
  • Markiplier Adventures (Video Game)
  • Lights Out (Short film by Tobias Nilsson)
  • Welcome Home (Video Game)
  • The Laws of Nature: A Collection of Short
       Stories of Horror [...] (Audiobook)
  • Naysu & CasueL - Let Me Go (Piano Samples)
  • Dead Christmas (Mobile & Browser Game)
  • OddPlanet (Mobile & Steam Game)




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